ITAR Registered - ISO 9001:2008 Certificate

Quality / Inspection / Metrology

Sydor Optics prides itself in fabricating high quality, precision, flat-surfaced parallel and wedged optics for our customers. All of our optics are inspected and carefully packaged to arrive safely at your facility.

Zygo 18" interferometer

We utilize the following instruments to inspect and clean optics:

  • Fisba 12” Interferometer with Phase Shift Adapter
  • Tropel Flatmaster 200 Interferometer
  • Zygo GPI XP, 6” Interferometer
  • Zygo GPI XP, 4” Interferometer
  • Zygo GPI LC, 4” Interferometer
  • Zygo New View 5000
  • Trioptic Prism Master
  • Nikon 6D Autocollimator
  • PerkinElmer Lambda 40 Spectrophotometer
Corning Tropel MSP300 interferometer

Full data packages (complete with interferometric testing of parts up to 300mm diameter for reflected and transmitted wavefront), statistical process control, and certifications are available upon request.

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