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At Stefan Sydor Optics, the past and the present form a powerful partnership to build the future. Founded over 40 years ago by Stefan Sydor, a pioneer in the optical field, the company has built its reputation on a solid foundation of traditional craftsmanship coupled with gutsy innovation. Stefan Sydor was known for his passion for optics and his ability to meet optical challenges with unique solutions. From his work on the Mt. Palomar Observatory’s 200-inch telescope mirror to the worldwide installation of the Baker-Nunn Satellite Tracking Network, Sydor was at the forefront of the optical experts of his generation.

Today his son Jim Sydor, who is developing Sydor Optics to meet the challenges of tomorrow, carries on Sydor’s legacy. The expertise and attention to detail necessary to produce high precision optics is paired with craftsmanship and the latest optical fabrication technology. This has made Sydor Optics the vendor of choice for companies whose needs range from prototype to large volume production, from highly complex to cost efficient components, all manufactured to the same exacting standard of excellence. The company’s commitment to outstanding customer service is evident in its record of consistent quality and on-time delivery.


Sydor Optics' mission is to fabricate and supply precision flat-surfaced, parallel and wedged optics to our customers and to grow our company through continuous improvements.

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