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Glass Wafers

Glass wafers manufactured by Sydor Optics display the utmost in precision quality as a result of our extensive experience in the art of double-sided grinding and polishing. Wafers, available in many sizes and thicknesses, are used for coating substrates, dummy pieces for set-up processes, semiconductor, microlithography as well as micro electro-optical applications (MEMS).

General Specifications:
  • Materials such as fused quartz, fused silica, BK-7, Borofloat, B270 and more
  • Diameters to 650mm (750mm for single-sided polishing)
  • Thicknesses to 0.25mm, size dependent
  • Transmitted Wavefront < 1 wave over the clear aperture, size dependent
  • Surface Flatness < ½ wave per inch
  • Parallelism < 10 arc seconds
  • Surface Quality 80-50 to 10-5
  • Clear Aperture 85% central
  • Bevels: 0.3mm face width @ 45°, all edges
  • Quick delivery
Sydor offers standard size wafers (see below) as well as custom dimensions and specifications. There is a $1,000 order minimum for glass wafers.

Standard Wafer Offering

(tolerance of +/-0.10mm)
(tolerances of +/-0.10mm through +/-0.01mm available)
100mm 0.20mm
100mm 0.50mm
100mm 0.75mm
100mm 1.00mm
100mm 1.50mm
150mm 0.50mm
150mm 0.75mm
150mm 1.00mm
150mm 1.50mm
200mm 0.75mm
200mm 1.00mm
200mm 1.50mm
300mm 1.00mm

The following optional services are also available:
  • Ultrasonic cleaning
  • Spin rinse drying
  • Cleanroom compatible packaging (double bagged in plastic wafer shippers)
  • Laser engraving
  • SEMI flats (32.5mm)
  • Notches
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