ITAR Registered - ISO 9001:2008 Certificate

Light-Weighted Substrates

Light-weighted substrates are commonly used for mirrors and are designed to have low weight and high stiffness. Traditionally, mirror blanks were fabricated from a solid piece of glass material which tended to be very heavy. In an effort to reduce the overall weight of these mirrors (and expense of glass), a honeycomb structure can now be incorporated on the backside of the mirror.

General Specifications:
  • Material: Variety of glass materials available
  • Stability: Ideal thermal stability for extreme environments
  • High Optical Quality
  • Applications: Ideal for aerospace and telescope optics
Light-weighting structures are generated by grinding holes out of solid material by utilizing CNC grinding processes. Holes can resemble triangular, square, honeycomb, and hexagonal shapes all of which contribute to the overall reduction in weight of the structure.

Dimensional Tolerances:
Surface Quality:
Clear Aperture:
 All types of optical glass, fused silica, ULE
 60-40 to 20-10
 Typically 85% central
 Unusual shapes and dimensions

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