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Sydor Optics offers a variety of first surface mirrors, all of which are custom in nature. Mirrors have smooth, highly polished surfaces designed to reflect light. The reflective surface is commonly a thin layer of metal coating which is applied to one side of the glass. The second is a commercially polished surface.

General Specifications:
  • Protected Aluminum: Provides greater than 85% reflectivity over a wide range of wavelengths in the UV and visible portion of the spectrum
  • Protected Silver: Provides greater than 95% reflectivity from 450nm to beyond 12μm
  • Protected Gold: Provides the highest reflectivity for IR wavelengths
  • Variety of sizes and materials
Mirror coatings possess surfaces that are soft and easily damaged. Extreme care is necessary when handling mirror surfaces. Protected mirror coatings assist in protecting mirrored surfaces. Sydor Optics grinds and precision polishes glass material for the fabrication of custom mirrors.

All optical glass materials, Pyrex®, Zerodur®, ULE™, BK-7, Borofloat, B270
Dimensional Tolerances: +/-0.10mm
Surface Quality: 60-40 to 20-10
Clear Aperture: Typically 85% central
Thickness: Customer specified
Surface Flatness: 1/4λ - 1/10λ, before coating
Light Weighting: Available to reduce overall weight of the mirror
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