ITAR Registered - ISO 9001:2008 Certificate


Wedges are optical elements having two plano, angled surfaces. Wedges are used for beam steering, beam displacement and to prevent stray back reflections.

General Specifications:
  • Available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes
  • Available in a variety of optical glasses
  • Also available CaF2, MgF2 crystal material
  • UV-grade Fused Silica available for superior transmission, exceptional thermal properties, and environmental durability
  • Transmitted wavefront to 1/10 wave
  • Coating optional
  • Precision manufacturing with thickness controls to +/-0.003mm
General Optical Quality High Precision Optical Quality
Transmitted Wavefront Error: < 1 wave 1/10 wave
Reflected Wavefront Error: ¼ wave 1/10 wave
Wedge : 1 minute +/-2 seconds
Surface Quality: 60-40 10-5
Dimensional Tolerance: +/-0.2mm +/-0.05mm
Clear Aperture: 80% of diameter 90% of diameter
Bevels: ≥ 0.25mm, +/-0.10mm ≥ 0.10mm, +/-0.1mm

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