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Sydor Optics offers customized plane parallel optical windows for a variety of applications in Industrial, Medical, Research and Defense arenas. Precision quality, customized windows are available in an assortment of sizes as well as a wide range of materials.

General Specifications:
  • Choose from various optical glasses, Fused Silica, Synthetic Quartz, Filter Material, CaF2, MgF2 and more
  • Sizes up to 650mm in diameter are standard. Larger based on specification review
  • Tight specifications based on size, which dictate processing method
  • Surface Roughness Angstroms RMS
  • Surface Quality to 10-5


Common Optical Glass:   Schott, Ohara, Heraeus, Pilkington
Fused Silica:   Substrate, Optical, ArF, KrF
Crystalline:   CaF2, MgF2

Diameter:   Up to 1,000mm
Square/Rectangles:   Diameters to 650mm (750mm for single-sided polishing)
Thicknesses:   0.5mm and thicker
Dimensional Tolerances:   To +/-0.01mm

Optical Specifications (Size/Shape Dependent)
Surface Flatness:   λ/20
Clear Aperture:   Central 85% diameter (typical)
Surface Quality:   To 10-5
Surface Roughness:   3-20 Angstroms RMS
Parallelism:   < 10 arc seconds
Transmitted Wavefront Error (TWE):   < 1 wave
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