Helping you engineer the cost out of your flat optics.

Engineers work with us to design & manufacture high precision flat optics for their systems.

We assist with flat optic design at the inception of a program, and work with ongoing programs to engineer the optical components in a more valuable way.

Our manufacturing capabilities are virtually unparalleled in North America and we can scale our operation to match your program requirements.

Common Customers, Markets, Materials & Applications

  • Optical design engineers, systems engineers, program managers
  • Aerospace, Defense, Aviation, Maritime, Security & Law Enforcement
  • Silicon, germanium, sapphire and zinc sulfide/selenide (IR materials), and many others
  • ISR Systems, HUDs, Camera Gimbals and Turrets, Enhanced Flight Vision Systems, Electro Optical/Infrared (EO/IR) sensors
  • If you’re working on a new program, give us a call from the start.

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New Equipment Additions in 2021

Sydor Optics is consistently investing in our products, employees and customers.

These upgrades significantly help with quality & precision, lead times & fulfillment, and capabilities for our engineers.

Keep an eye out for more incoming equipment!

Global Leader in Flat Optics Manufacturing

Precisiion optical products

Engineering Value Into Your Precision Flat Optics

We work with optical engineers at the inception of programs to ensure the optics are designed for manufacturability and optical performance in the application’s environment.
Custom optical manufacturing


With the largest collection of double-sided polishing machines in North America – and in addition to our facility of CNC machines, laser cutters, cleanrooms, and more – Sydor is able to work with your from concept to high-volume production of your precision optical components.
Metrology inspection

in Your Quality

Sydor Optics continues to invest in inspection equipment and talent to ensure that your parts receive the quality that we are most recognized for.

Optical windows

Debris Shields, Turret Windows, Vacuum Windows, and more.

Glass wafers

Standard size glass wafers in 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, and 300mm as well as custom wafers with diameters up to 450mm and thicknesses down to 0.1mm (± 0.003mm).

Optical wedges

Optical wedges with ± 10 arc seconds of wedge angular tolerance. Superior craftsmanship made to your specifications in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials.

Material data sheets

Optical flats

λ/4, λ/10, or λ/20 single-side or double-side optical flats.

Optical mirrors

Reflected Wavefront Error down to λ/20 & Surface Roughness down to 3 Ǻ rms.

Optical filters

Interference filters with a variety of IR, UV, VIS, and AR coating options.

Plate beamsplitters

Reflect and transmit any combinations of wavelengths with precision plate beamsplitters. UV, VIS, or IR, Polarized or Unpolarized, 10:90 – 90:10 (R:T).

Witness samples

Custom witness samples available in standard 1″ or 2″ diameters as well as custom sizes.

Optical windows
Glass wafers
Optical wedges
Optical flats
Optical mirrors
Optical filters
Plate beamsplitters
Witness samples