Custom Manufactured Plano Optics

Using state-of-the-art technologies, and outstanding production, quality and inspection methods, Sydor Optics offers superior precision flat or plano optics. Our highly-skilled engineers take exceptional pride in ensuring that every product meets your exacting standards, rigorous quality assurance and precision specifications.

Optical windows

Optical Windows

Drawing upon decades of experience and expertise in medical, defense, high-energy laser, industrial and scientific fields, and with the largest collection of double-sided grinding and polishing machines in North America, Sydor Optics can fabricate custom Ultraviolet (UV), Visible (VIS), and Infrared (IR) windows in a variety of custom sizes, shapes, and glass types.

Infrared Windows

Sydor Optics manufactures Infrared (IR) windows utilizing a range of infrared materials suited for the NIR, SWIR, MWIR and LWIR spectrums ranging from 0.75µm to 15µm for applications including thermal imaging, mineral & gas detection and monitoring and other forward-looking infrared (FLIR) imaging applications.

Glass wafers

Glass Wafers

In addition to standard size glass wafers such as 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, and 300mm, Sydor Optics can provide custom wafers with diameters up to 450mm and thin wafers with thicknesses down to 0.1mm (± 0.003mm). Regardless of the size or scope of your project, our experienced engineers and technicians will guide you every step of the way.

Optical wedges

Optical Wedges

Sydor Optics manufactures custom optical wedges used in a variety of applications. Flat optics with a wedge angle are typically used in laser applications for beam steering and beam displacement or for preventing stray-back reflections, but can also be used in virtually any type of optical component to change the direction of light.

Optical mirrors

Optical Mirrors

Sydor Optics fabricates an array of metallic and dielectric optical mirrors to meet your custom specifications and requirements. Optical mirrors consist of a polished substrate with a metallic coating or dielectric coating on the front surface, sometimes referred to as first surface mirrors.  Gold, silver and aluminum coated  mirrors are the most common metallic mirrors selected based upon the application requirements.

Optical flats

Optical Flats

Sydor Optics manufactures optical flats to meet precision fractional reflected wavefronts for applications demanding λ/4, λ/10, or λ/20 single-side or double-side performance. An optical flat is manufactured to be extremely flat on one or both surfaces and used as a reference for measuring the flatness of other optics with a monochromatic light source or in interferometry applications.

Optical filters

Colored Glass Filters

Sydor Optics has extensive experience shaping and polishing colored filter glass and uncoated filter substrates. Common colored glass optical filters include shortpass, longpass, bandpass, light balancing, heat absorbing and infrared transmitting suited for a wide range of applications in the Ultraviolet (UV), Visible (VIS) and Infrared (IR) spectrums.

Plate beamsplitters

Plate Beamsplitters

Sydor Optics fabricates several kinds of dielectric and metal coated plate beamsplitters with various Reflection: Transmission (R:T) ratios from 10:90 to 90:10. Plate beamsplitters can perform at higher temperatures, withstand higher levels of laser power and typically cost less than when in cube form.

Witness samples

Witness Samples

Sydor Optics also offers witness samples for the measurement of coating stresses on substrates. The size and thickness of a witness sample will typically match your finished product. Sydor Optics also offers witness samples for the measurement of coating stresses on substrates.