Glass laser cutting

Glass Laser Cutting

Sydor Optics can laser cut many optical materials and optical components such as waferswindows and wedges. Whether you need custom laser cut shapes, patterns or holes, the highly skilled laser technicians at Sydor Optics will meet your tightest tolerances and specifications.

Glass laser marking

Glass Laser Marking

Laser marking is helpful in identifying, indexing, inventorying and aligning parts. Sydor Optics uses the Epilog Large Format Laser System for laser marking of glass. Laser marking is available on both the surface and edges of circular, square and custom shaped glass parts.

Laser cutting & marking


From concept to finished product, our laser technicians will work with you to test, adjust, and perfect the precision laser cutting and marking process specific to your design. Sydor Optics laser machining department can help bring your prototype products to production volumes with fast, rapid turnarounds.

Laser cutting & marking

About Laser Cutting & Marking

Laser cutting & marking

Using state-of-the-art precision laser cutting and marking equipment, guided by highly-skilled experts, Sydor Optics can provide cost-effective solutions for cutting, marking and engraving your optical components both with or without optical coatings.

With a custom built beam delivery system, Sydor Optics laser technicians can overcome the challenges of laser cutting substrates with highly reflective coatings. Sydor Optics can even laser cut wafers or other finished optics that contain electronic components and laser mark virtually any type of glass including laser sensitive glass.

Laser Machining Manufacturing Limits

Diameter5mm – 600mm (± 0.025mm)
Length5mm – 600mm (± 0.020mm)
Width5mm – 600mm (± 0.020mm)
Thickness0.2mm – 3mm (ground surfaces finish)
0.2mm – 10mm (polished surfaces finish)
Hole Size≥ 75um (± 0.010mm)
Hole Location± 5um
Alignment± 25um
Materials For Cuttingall glass types (results vary by material)
Materials For Markingall glass types (results vary by material)
Laser cutting & marking

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