Helping you engineer the cost out of your flat optics.

If you’re working on a new program, give us a call from the start.

Engineers work with us to design & manufacture high precision flat optics for their systems.

We assist with flat optic design at the inception of a program, and work with ongoing programs to engineer the optical components in a more valuable way.

Our manufacturing capabilities are virtually unparalleled in North America and we can scale our operation to match your program requirements.


Common Customers, Markets, Materials & Applications

  • Optical design engineers, systems engineers, program managers
  • Aerospace, Defense, Aviation, Maritime, Security & Law Enforcement
  • Silicon, germanium, sapphire and zinc sulfide/selenide (IR materials), and many others
  • ISR Systems, HUDs, Camera Gimbals and Turrets, Enhanced Flight Vision Systems, Electro Optical/Infrared (EO/IR) sensors

SYDO engineerWhen we talk, our conversation will include topics such as:

  • Can this be designed at a lower cost?
  • Is this solution going to perform as optimally as required in the application’s environment?
  • Where can Sydor apply our collective knowledge to enhance this design and your product?
  • Is this design ideal for manufacturing?

Sydor is a trusted provider of design & manufacturing solutions for engineers who work with flat optics.

Consider our experience & expertise for your new or existing programs.

  • If you’re working on a new program, give us a call from the start.

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ITAR Registered & ISO 9001:2008 Certified


Using state-of-the-art technologies, and outstanding production, quality and inspection methods, Sydor Optics offers superior precision flat optics. The highly-skilled engineers take exceptional pride in ensuring that every product meets exacting standards, rigorous quality assurance and your precision specifications.

Glass wafers

Glass Wafers

Aside from standard size glass wafers such as 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, and 300mm, Sydor Optics can provide custom wafers with diameters up to 450mm and thin wafers with thicknesses down to 0.1mm (± 0.003mm). Regardless of the size or scope of your project, our experienced engineers and technicians will guide you every step of the way.

Optical windows

Optical Windows

Based upon decades of experience, and expertise in medical, defense, industrial and scientific fields, and with the largest collection of double-sided grinding and polishing machines in North America, Sydor Optics can fabricate and manufacture custom IR, UV and visible windows in a variety of custom sizes, shapes, and substrates.

Optical filters

Optical Filters

Sydor Optics has extensive experience manufacturing uncoated filter substrates and colored filter glass. Common optical filters include shortpass, longpass, bandpass, notch and edge with filter coatings suited for the infrared (IR), ultraviolet (UV) and visible (VIS) color spectrums.

Optical mirrors

Optical Mirrors

Sydor Optics fabricates an array of metallic and dielectric optical mirrors to meet your custom specifications and requirements. Optical mirrors basically consist of a polished substrate with a metallic coating or dielectric coating on the front surface, sometimes referred to as first surface mirrors, but different applications require different levels of precision optical mirrors.

Optical flats

Optical Flats

Sydor Optics provides various optical flats to meet precision tolerances for the most demanding and exacting applications. An optical flat is manufactured to be extremely flat on one or both surfaces and used as a reference for measuring the flatness of other optics with a monochromatic light source or in interferometry applications.

Optical wedges

Optical Wedge Prisms

Sydor Optics manufactures custom optical wedges and thin prisms used in a variety of applications. Flat optics with a wedge angle are typically used in laser applications for beam steering and beam displacement or for preventing stray-back reflections, but can also be used in virtually any type of optical component to change the direction of light.

Light pipes

Light Pipes

Sydor Optics fabricates custom light pipes also known as integrator bars, light pipe homogenizing rods, or just homogenizers, and offers a wide assortment of materials and diverse shapes including rectangular, square, hexagonal, and tapered.

Plate beamsplitters

Plate Beamsplitters

Sydor Optics fabricates several kinds of dielectric and metal coated plate beam splitters with various reflection/ transmission (R:T) ratios. Plate beam splitters can perform at higher temperatures, withstand higher levels of laser power and typically cost less than when in cube form.

Witness samples

Witness Samples

Sydor Optics also offers witness samples for the measurement of coating stresses on substrates. The size and thickness of a witness sample will typically match your finished product. Sydor Optics also offers witness samples for the measurement of coating stresses on substrates.

Ir window capabilities


From prototype to high-volume production Sydor Optics is dedicated to manufacturing custom plano optics to meet your precise specifications. Since 1964, Sydor Optics has built a worldwide reputation in custom optics manufacturing pairing traditional craftsmanship with leading-edge technology. Our 40,000 sq. ft. facility houses the largest collection of double-sided polishing machines in North America.

Double-sided polishing

Double-Sided Polishing

Double-sided grinding and polishing, also known as double-sided lapping and polishing is performed with particles suspended in a liquid vehicle to abrade parts equally from both surfaces. The process produces a relatively stress-free environment that induces minimal thermal distortion making it compatible with most optical materials.

Cleaning and packaging

Cleaning and Packaging

Clean optics free from dust, dirt, smudges, and streaks. Sydor Optics ultrasonic cleaning capabilities include a fully enclosed, automated 8-station Elma multi-frequency ultrasonic cleaning line with capacities up to 450mm (18”) and cleanroom inspection and packaging.

Cnc glass machining

CNC Glass Machining

Precision mechanical alterations for your custom optical designs and specifications. CNC capabilities include lightweighting, drilling, coring, edging, beveling, 3D contouring, and more. The latest CAD / CAM software systems, cutting-edge equipment, and expert CNC machine operators, Sydor can manufacture the most complex geometries.

Laser cutting

Laser Cutting

With ultra-precise laser cutting and marking equipment, Sydor can provide laser cutting solutions for your optical components into custom shapes, holes, patterns, and more, both with or without optical coatings. We can also deliver custom markings and engravings for serial numbers for tracking, markings for alignment, and more.

Metrology and inspection

Metrology and Inspection

Sydor Optics has a large array of equipment to measure dimensional and optical specifications. Featuring 13 interferometers dedicated to wavefront measurement and surface profilometry, Sydor Optics technicians are fully equipped to meet your metrology needs. We also have one of the few, precision data, fully-automated scratch-dig inspection systems in the USA.

Pitch polishing

Pitch Polishing

The highly skilled opticians at Sydor Optics have perfected the art and science of pitch polishing, also known as single-sided polishing . While surface flatness over a full clear aperture can be attained down to λ/20 PV, it is possible to reach surface flatness tolerances of λ/40 PV over smaller sub apertures.

Optical assembly

Optical Assembly

Flat surface optical assembly including optical-grade bonding of filter stacks and other flat optics, stress-free thermo-set bonding of windows for hard environments, and UV adhesives for high-volume manufacturing.




For handheld, ground-based vehicles and aircraft & marine-mounted vehicles:

  • Thermal imaging
  • Night vision
  • Targeting sights
  • Camera turrets for VIS & IR imaging
  • EO/IR surveillance systems
  • Threat warning instruments
Law enforcement

Law Enforcement

For handheld, ground-based vehicles and aircraft & marine-mounted vehicles:

  • Thermal imaging
  • Night vision
Search & rescue

Search & Rescue

For handheld, ground-based vehicles and aircraft & marine-mounted vehicles:

  • Thermal imaging for firefighting
  • Night vision


  • Power line maintenance
  • Process control
  • Mineral & gas detection
  • Agriculture