Custom optical window fabrication

Optical windows are typically fabricated from two flat, or commonly referred to as plano, polished surfaces that are optically transparent and intended to separate, seal, or otherwise protect other components. The double-sided manufacturing process yields exceptional parallelism and transmitted wavefront making it ideal for visible windows in industrial and biomedical applications, as well as IR windows in infrared and military/defense applications.

Based upon decades of experience, and expertise in medical, defense, industrial and scientific fields, and with the largest collection of double-sided grinding and polishing machines in North America, Sydor Optics can fabricate and manufacture custom IR, UV and visible windows in a variety of custom sizes, shapes, and substrates.

  • High-volume capabilities
  • Exceptional parallelism and transmitted wavefront
  • Diameter up to 750mm
  • Thickness up to 100mm
Optical window applications

Available Optical Substrate Types

Based upon customer demand, Sydor Optics offers Optical Windows made from the following optical substrate materials. Of course, if you don’t see a material you need, please contact a Sales Engineer, who will gladly discuss additional options that may be available.

Optical window applications
Optical Window Manufacturing Limits
Specifications Measurements
Diameter ≤ 750mm
Length / Width ≤ 600mm x 450mm
Thickness ≤ 100mm
Thickness Tolerance ± 0.01mm
Cosmetics (MIL-PRF-13830B) 60-40 to 10-5
Surface Roughness ≥ 3 Ǻ rms
Parallelism ≥ 1 arc second
Reflected Wavefront Error (RWE) - before coating ≥ 1/20 wave over clear aperture
Transmitted Wavefront Error (TWE) - before coating *Interferometric Scale Factor (ISF) of 0.5 – Single-Pass ≥ 1/20 wave over clear aperture
Clear Aperture ≤ 95%

Types of Optical Windows

Ultraviolet Windows

Ultraviolet windows are often used with laser instruments or other applications in medical, industrial and defense areas. Sydor Optics can help determine the best substrates, UV coatings, and other optical properties and custom manufacture UV windows to best meet your specific requirements and applications. Anti-Reflective (AR) coating is available for one or both surfaces.

Visible Windows

Visible windows are designed for use in the visible spectrum: the type of light visible to the human eye. Visible windows are ideal for protecting optical systems and other optical components, imaging or display systems, or other applications. Sydor Optics can custom manufacture visible windows in a variety of shapes, sizes, and substrates for various optics applications, including those with extreme temperatures or other challenging conditions. AR coating is available for one or both surfaces.

Infrared (IR) Windows

Infrared windows are often used in FLIR, FTIR spectroscopy, medical systems, thermal imaging, or other optics applications within the infrared light spectrum. IR windows can help protect your employees and equipment. Sydor Optics can custom manufacture IR windows in a variety of shapes, sizes, substrates, and coatings for various infrared applications. AR coating is available for one or both surfaces.

Optical window applications

Window Shapes

Sydor Optics can manufacture custom optical windows — with various shapes and sizes — using CNC Glass Machining or Laser Machining capabilities to meet your specific needs.

Some of the standard optical window shapes that Sydor Optics customers frequently order include:

  • Circular Windows
  • Square Windows
  • Rectangular Windows
  • Elliptical Windows

Optical window applications

Debris Shields

Gimbal Windows

Instrument Windows

Laser Windows

Protective Windows

Sensor/EO Windows

Sight Windows

Vacuum Windows

Viewing Windows