Sydor Optics Manufacturing Capabilities

From prototype to high-volume production Sydor Optics is dedicated to manufacturing custom plano optics to meet your precise specifications. Since 1964, Sydor Optics has built a worldwide reputation in custom optics manufacturing pairing traditional craftsmanship with leading-edge technology. Our 40,000 sq. ft. facility houses the largest collection of double-sided polishing machines in North America.

Double-sided polishing

Double-Sided Polishing

Double-sided grinding and polishing, also known as double-sided lapping and polishing is performed with particles suspended in a liquid vehicle to abrade parts equally from both surfaces. The process produces a relatively stress-free environment that induces minimal thermal distortion making it compatible with most optical materials.

Pitch polishing

Precision Pitch Polishing

The highly skilled opticians at Sydor Optics have perfected the art and science of pitch polishing, also known as single-sided polishing . While surface flatness over a full clear aperture can be attained down to λ/20 PV, it is possible to reach surface flatness tolerances of λ/40 PV over smaller sub apertures.

Cnc glass machining

CNC Glass Machining

Precision mechanical alterations for your custom optical designs and specifications. CNC capabilities include lightweighting, drilling, coring, edging, beveling, 3D contouring, and more. The latest CAD / CAM software systems, cutting-edge equipment, and expert CNC machine operators, Sydor can manufacture the most complex geometries.

Laser cutting

Laser Cutting & Marking

With ultra-precise laser cutting and marking equipment, Sydor can provide laser cutting solutions for your optical components into custom shapes, holes, patterns, and more, both with or without optical coatings. We can also deliver custom markings and engravings for serial numbers for tracking, markings for alignment, and more.

Metrology and inspection

Metrology and Inspection

Sydor Optics has a large array of equipment to measure dimensional and optical specifications. Featuring 13 interferometers dedicated to wavefront measurement and surface profilometry, Sydor Optics technicians are fully equipped to meet your metrology needs. We also have one of the few, precision data, fully-automated scratch-dig inspection systems in the USA.

Cleaning and packaging

Cleaning and Packaging

Clean optics free from dust, dirt, smudges, and streaks. Sydor Optics ultrasonic cleaning capabilities include a fully enclosed, automated 8-station Elma multi-frequency ultrasonic cleaning line with capacities up to 450mm (18”) and cleanroom inspection and packaging.

Optical assembly

Optical Assembly

Flat surface optical assembly including optical-grade bonding of filter stacks and other flat optics, stress-free thermo-set bonding of windows for hard environments, and UV adhesives for high-volume manufacturing.