• Capabilities
    • 1. Do you provide coatings?

      Yes – we can provide a wide variety of coatings through our network of approved coating suppliers.

    • 2. What’s the largest optic you can process?

      Typically, Sydor can process parts up to 660mm (approximately 26”) in diameter. However, the shape of the part can impact this. If your part has a unique shape, we recommend contacting your Sydor representative to discuss your requirements.

    • 3. Can you laser cut glass?

      Yes – we offer precision laser cutting of fused silica in a variety of sizes up to 3mm thick, and Sydor will be increasing this capability in 2020. To see our current specifications, click here.

    • 4. What type of ultrasonic cleaning equipment do you have?

      Sydor has a state-of-the-art Elma, 8-station, automated, ultrasonic cleaning and drying system with capacities up to 450mm (18”). Learn more here.

    • 5. Do you have a clean room and if so, what class is it?

      Yes – we are equipped with two cleanrooms: a Class 1,000 (ISO Class 6) and Class 10,000 (ISO Class 7).

    • 6. Do you make wedged optics?

      Yes – Sydor makes a variety of precision wedged optics in many different materials for the visible and the infrared spectrums. Learn more here.

    • 7. Can you measure the transmitted wavefront on IR materials?

      Yes – unlike most companies that process IR material, we are equipped with an IR interferometer, we use a Zygo 3.39um IR interferometer that can measure parts up to a 14” clear aperture. Learn more here.

    • 8. Do you offer optical assembly?

      Yes – our staff has years of experience assembling and testing optical sub-assemblies. Learn more here.

  • Materials
    • 9. What materials do you have in stock?

      We stock a wide variety of materials. Browse our available materials here. Call your Sydor representative if you don’t see the material you are interested in.

    • 10. Do you process all types of optical materials?

      We have approved processes for a wide array of materials. Our full list of materials can be found here, and if you don’t see the material that you desire, contact a Sydor representative.

  • Quoting & Order Entry Process
    • 11. How quickly can you provide your quote?

      Because we are dedicated to delivering the most value to our customers, our rigorous quoting process requires that we fully understand your requirements and discuss ways to best meet your specifications. Typical quote times are between 2-7 business days.

    • 12. What information is needed to quote a project?

      Please include the following information about your part when submitting your request for quote: size/shape, thickness, transmitted or reflected wavefront and quantity needed. We will then contact you to discuss your project in more detail. Click here to submit your RFQ.

    • 13. Can you extend the quote validity to 90 or 180 days?

      There are many factors that contribute to the length of time a quote is valid. Contact your Sydor representative so we can fully understand your needs.

    • 14. From the time I place my order, how long will it take for my order to be confirmed?

      Usually, all orders are confirmed within 5 business days.

    • 15. Do you have a minimum order quantity?

      There are many variables that determine the minimum order quantity, especially dimensions. Larger parts will typically have a smaller minimum order quantity, while smaller parts will have a larger minimum order quantity. Sydor delivers the highest value when we process large batch sizes. Please contact your Sydor representative to see how we can help you.

    • 16. Can you improve upon your quoted lead time?

      In some cases, we are able to improve upon our quoted lead time. Please talk to your Sydor representative to see how we can help you.

  • Shipping
    • 17. Can you ship internationally?

      Yes – we currently export to over 120 countries worldwide.

    • 18. What kind of packaging options do you offer?

      We have years of experience choosing the best option to safely package precision optical glass. Our standard packaging options are optical tissue paper, cloth-lined envelope, glassine envelope, custom packaging, and Pet-G containers. Custom packaging is available upon request. Learn more here.

  • General
    • 19. Do you have finished wafers in stock? What sizes and what materials?

      Yes – we offer a variety of standard wafers in our online store. Browse our current available products here.

    • 20. Do you accept blanket and Kanban contracts?

      Yes – longterm blanket and Kanban contracts can be extremely valuable to both Sydor and our customers. We gladly discuss these types of agreements.

    • 21. What are your payment terms?

      Payment terms depend on many factors. Please contact your Sydor representative.

    • 22. Are you ISO certified?
    • 23. Are you ITAR registered?
    • 24. Do you have a QMS (Quality Management System) manual?

      Yes – we are certified based on ISO 9001:2015.

    • 25. Will you do R&D projects?

      Sydor is able to work on R&D projects on a case-by-case basis. When we do we work closely with the customer’s engineering staff to confirm project scope, goals, and timelines.

    • 26. Are you able to process high volume orders?

      Yes – we have invested in top-of-the-line equipment that allows us to be particularly competitive as volumes increase. We review each customer project to determine how we can provide the best value.