Color Filter Glass Overview

Colored filter glasses, each with its own spectral characteristics for transmitting and absorbing light at various wavelengths of the visible spectrum, are available in a variety of filter types. This type of optical material is most commonly used in cinematography, clinical chemistry, fluorescence microscopy, lighting, machine vision medical instruments, optoelectronics, and spectroscopy applications. The strict control of material thickness achieves precise filtering of the spectrum across a large bandpass. Material thickness can be calculated using transmittance simulation software available from the material manufacturers.

Filters are available in several transmission/absorption options such as:

  • Bandpass filters – allow a portion of the spectrum to transmit while absorbing all other wavelengths.
  • Longpass filters – allow a longer portion of the spectrum to transmit while absorbing all other wavelengths
  • Shortpass filters – allow a shorter portion of the spectrum to transmit while absorbing all other wavelengths.
  • Multiband filters – allow transmission of several wavelength bands to pass through.
  • Notch filters – reject a small portion of the spectrum, while transmitting all other wavelengths.
  • Edge filters – allow the wavelengths on either side of the cut-on to transmit.
  • Neutral density filters – evenly reduce transmission across a portion of the spectrum.
  • Contrast enhancement filters – promote the intensity of certain colors primarily.

Glass filters are physically and chemically stable, and they are more durable in comparison with plastic and film filters.  The precision of transmission and absorption can be increased by adding a multilayer coating.

The table below shows comparable materials from different manufacturers.

Filter Glass Cross Reference Sheet
Filter Groups Schott Hoya Isuzu
Bandpass-Blue BG3 B370
Bandpass-Blue BG7 B480
Blue-Green Bandpass BG18 CM-500 IEC-501
Bandpass-Blue BG25 B-390 or BG-380 IEB-400
Blue-Green Bandpass BG36 V-10
Blue-Green Bandpass BG38 C500 IECC-508
Blue-Green Bandpass BG39 CM-500S IEC-578
Blue-Green Bandpass BG40 CAW-500
Blue-Green Bandpass BG42
Blue-Green Bandpass BG50
Blue-Green Bandpass BG55
Blue-Green Bandpass BG60
Blue-Green Bandpass BG61
Blue-Green Bandpass BG62
Blue-Green Bandpass BG63
Blue-Green Bandpass BG64
Blue-Green Bandpass BG66HS
Blue-Green Bandpass BG67
Longpass-IR transmitting GG395 L-39
Longpass-IR transmitting GG400 L-40
Longpass-IR transmitting GG420 L-42 ITY-418
Longpass-IR transmitting GG435 Y-44
Longpass-IR transmitting GG455 Y-46
Longpass-IR transmitting GG475 Y-46
Longpass-IR transmitting GG495 Y-48
Longpass-IR transmitting GG495 Y-50
Shortpass-Heat Absorbing KG1 HA-30 ISK-157
Shortpass-Heat Absorbing KG2 HA-50 ISK-150
Shortpass-Heat Absorbing KG3 HA-15 ISK-167
Shortpass-Heat Absorbing KG5 HA-5 ISK-171
Neutral Density NG1 ND-0
Neutral Density NG3 ND-03 OR ND-05
Neutral Density NG4 ND-13 ING-125
Neutral Density NG5 ND-25 ING-250
Neutral Density NG9 ND-09
Neutral Density NG11 ND-50 ING-375
Longpass-visible & IR transmitting N-WG280 U-28
Longpass-visible & IR transmitting N-WG295 U-30
Longpass-visible & IR transmitting N-WG305 U-30
Longpass-visible & IR transmitting N-WG320 U-32
Longpass-IR transmitting OG515 Y-52
Longpass-IR transmitting OG530 Y-52
Longpass-IR transmitting OG550 O-54
Longpass-IR transmitting OG570 O-5G
Longpass-IR transmitting OG590 O-58
Longpass-IR transmitting RG9 RT-830
Longpass-IR transmitting RG610 R-60
Longpass-IR transmitting RG630 R-62
Longpass-IR transmitting RG645 R-64
Longpass-IR transmitting RG665 R-66
Longpass-IR transmitting RG695 R-70
Longpass-IR transmitting RG715 R-72
Longpass-IR transmitting RG780 IR-80
Longpass-IR transmitting RG830 IR-83
Longpass-IR transmitting RG850 IR-85
Longpass-IR transmitting RG1000 RM-100
Bandpass-UV transmitting UG1 U-360
Bandpass-UV transmitting UG2A
Bandpass-UV transmitting UG5 U-330
Bandpass-UV transmitting UG11 U-340
Bandpass-green VG9 G-530, G-533 IVG-530
Bandpass-green VG20

Available Materials

Based upon customer demand, Sydor Optics offers Color Filter Glass made from the following substrate materials. Of course, if you don’t see a material you need, please contact a Sales Engineer, who will gladly discuss additional options that may be available.