Crystal Overview

Optical crystals vary in material properties but all have a common foundation: they are grown from high-purity raw materials. These types of optical materials have excellent performance with lasers and usually have a wide transmission range from 0.2μm up to 13μm. They are commonly used in semiconductor, medical, and military applications.

Sapphire, for instance, is highly durable and is commonly used in military application from the visible to the mid-wave infrared whereas calcium fluoride is most commonly used in the ultraviolet region of the spectrum for laser applications. These materials are manufactured using an assortment of methods that are specific to each manufacturer of the material.

At Sydor, we can manufacture waferswedge prisms, and windows with crystal materials.


Based upon customer demand, Sydor Optics offers Crystal made from the following substrate materials. Of course, if you don’t see a material you need, please contact a Sales Engineer, who will gladly discuss additional options that may be available.