Now Offering Double-Sided Polishing of Silicon, Germanium & Sapphire

Sydor Optics announced that they have added multiple new processing capabilities and equipment, including expanded metrology for large optics and the ability to offer double-sided processing of three important substrates – Silicon, Germanium and Sapphire.

Increased Support for Military & Defense

As the glass polishing experts, the ability to create flat optics using Silicon, Germanium, and Sapphire, allows Sydor to broaden their support for military and defense applications as well as semiconductors and high energy laser uses.

The Zygo Verifire Micron Wavelength Interferometer

The purchase of a 6” Zygo Verifire, 3.39 micron wavelength interferometer, equipped with Mx software and an integrated stitching platform, ensures products shipped are as ordered by customers. The machine allows metrology for round and rectangle windows up to 14” diameter/diagonal.

New PR Hoffman 6600 Machines for Polishing Flat Optics

Sydor has invested in additional machinery for processing large optics for 2018, including four PR Hoffman 6600 machines for polishing flat optics up to 24” diameter/diagonal.

New Elma Ultrasonic Cleaning Line for Optics

Having ultra clean glass at the end of the polishing process is imperative, and so Sydor has installed a new 8-station Elma ultrasonic cleaning line for optics up to 450 mm (18 in), as well as a newly remodeled ISO 10000 clean room, and a newly added ISO 1000 clean room for additional work load.

“With the addition of all of this new functionality, we are set to continue to be the leader in flat optics production and quality in 2018. It is imperative that we continually improve the level of our facility and raise the bar by extending our capabilities wherever possible, as our wide base of customer industries demand higher tolerances, performance and high volumes,” states President, Mike Ognenovski.

These changes have all been implemented in the past year to unveil in January 2018. For more information regarding all of the new capabilities that Sydor offers, visit our Capabilities page or visit the team during Photonics West in Booth #220.