Earn Your Associates Degree as an Optician in the Exploding Photonics Industry.

Our Apprenticeship Program provides full-time, paid work experience for on-site and classroom training towards an Associate Degree as an Optician in the optics and photonics industry. If you’re committed to developing a career path that includes a place to grow, thrive and work with a team that will empower and support you to help achieve your career goals, we encourage you to join our program.

What does an Optician in the Photonics and Optics Industry do?

An optician understands the fundamentals of how to process optics that are utilized for optical imaging products, supporting industries such as laser research, processing of glass wafers utilized for chip-making in the semiconductor and electronics industries, glass screens utilized for high-tech displays in aerospace, optics utilized for space-based products, telecommunications, health and life sciences and even optics used in motion picture cameras and high-definition projection systems. It’s a career path that puts you in the center of an exciting and always inventive environment with unique people, interesting workdays and where your skills will always be in demand – especially in our region, which is world-renown as an ever-expanding optics and photonics cluster of companies.

The Benefits of our Apprenticeship Program Include:

  • Earning a full salary while you train based on a set plan and earning incremental salary increases as you learn more and progress in the program
  • Receive payment of courses you complete towards an Associate Degree at MCC
  • Receive a nationally recognized Certificate of Completion from the NYS Department of Labor • Learn skills you may use and leverage throughout your entire career for growth and other opportunities
  • Train and engage with industry leaders that have decades of experience in their respective fields
  • Qualify and be considered for coveted career opportunities in the photonics and optics industries as a Certified Optician

As an apprentice you’ll learn all facets of optics production while being a full-time employee and training covered at Sydor Optics. It also includes formal classroom training and education on optics fundamentals at MCC, paid for by Sydor Optics.

There’s tremendous demand today for skilled workers in the optics industry to work with engineers and scientists at the forefront of the industry.

Our affiliation with MCC provides you with an added advantage as it’s the only community college in the nation with an associate degree in precision optics and is recognized as the leader in teaching optics.

A Three-Year Journey. A Lifetime of Opportunity. (Roadmap)

For more information and an application contact:
Dan Bayley, Apprentice Training Manager
E-Mail: danb@sydor.com • Office: 585.271.7300
You may also apply online: sydor.com/apprenticeship