Sydor Optics works with engineers worldwide to design and manufacture high precision flat optics for their systems. We assist with optic design at the inception of a program, and work with ongoing programs to engineer the optical components in a more valuable way.

Get a production advantage by leveraging the largest collection of double-sided polishing machines, CNC machines, precision laser cutters, two clean rooms and highly skilled flat optics experts. 

All in one place to meet your most demanding production needs.

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When we talk, our conversation will include topics such as:

  • Can this be designed at a lower cost?
  • Is this solution going to perform as optimally as required in the application’s environment?
  • Where can Sydor apply our collective knowledge to enhance this design and your product?
  • Is this design ideal for manufacturing?

Sydor is a trusted provider of design & manufacturing solutions for engineers who work with flat optics.

Consider our experience & expertise for your new or existing programs.

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Custom Optics Manufacturing

Using state-of-the-art technologies, and outstanding production, quality and inspection methods, Sydor Optics offers superior precision flat optics. The highly-skilled engineers take exceptional pride in ensuring that every product meets exacting standards, rigorous quality assurance and your precision specifications.

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Optics Manufacturing Capabilities

From prototype to high-volume production Sydor Optics is dedicated to manufacturing custom plano optics to meet your precise specifications. Since 1964, Sydor Optics has built a worldwide reputation in custom optics manufacturing pairing traditional craftsmanship with leading-edge technology. Our 40,000 sq. ft. facility houses the largest collection of double-sided polishing machines in North America.

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IR Material Applications


For handheld, ground-based vehicles and aircraft & marine-mounted vehicles:

  • Thermal imaging
  • Night vision
  • Targeting sights
  • Camera turrets for VIS & IR imaging
  • EO/IR surveillance systems
  • Threat warning instruments
Defense industry infrared materials
Law enforcement industry infrared materials

Law Enforcement

For handheld, ground-based vehicles and aircraft & marine-mounted vehicles:

  • Thermal imaging
  • Night vision

Search & Rescue

For handheld, ground-based vehicles and aircraft & marine-mounted vehicles:

  • Thermal imaging for firefighting
  • Night vision
Search & rescue industry infrared materials
Commercial/industrial infrared materials


  • Power line maintenance
  • Process control
  • Mineral & gas detection
  • Agriculture
Custom optics

If you are starting a new program or need assistance, please contact us.