Borosilicate Glass

Definition and Advantages of Borosilicate Glass

Borosilicate glasses are a versatile type of glass that are composed of high concentrations of Boron Trioxide and Silica. They offer several benefits including strong chemical durability, high thermal resistance, low thermal expansion, and superior light transmission. Borosilicate glass can also be made with a low density, making it lighter than soda lime glass. Additionally, several variations of borosilicate glass can be recycled several times and disposed of without difficulty.

Sydor features several types of borosilicate glass materials. Reference the following material data sheets for specific optical properties:

Borosilicate Glass Optical Applications

Given its versatility, borosilicate glass can be used in several technically sophisticated applications. The chemical industry can use it as sight glasses for reaction vessels, the precision engineering and optics industries use it for applications such as optical filters and mirrors, and it can be used in semiconductor engineering or in electronics/sensors for wafers and display glass components.

Sydor Optics specializes in the high-volume production of custom optics. We are the supplier of choice for companies with requirements ranging from highly complex to cost-efficient components, all manufactured to the same exacting standards of excellence. If you wish to discuss how borosilicate glass or other glass materials can meet the needs of your project, contact a sales engineer today.