Plate beamsplitters

Plate Beamsplitters

Custom Plate Beamsplitter Fabrication Sydor Optics fabricates precision optics that can be coated utilizing our suppliers to produce several kinds of dielectric and metal coated plate beamsplitters with various reflection/transmission (R:T) ratios, which offer many advantages when compared to cube beamsplitters. For example, plate beamsplitters can perform at higher temperatures, withstand higher levels of laser […]

Sapphire Square optics

Optical Filters

Optical Filter Fabrication There are perhaps about as many types of glass filters as there are applications for them. Yet despite all the variety, one thing is clear: Sydor Optics offers exceptional manufacturing capabilities when it comes to custom optical filters. With the largest collection of double-sided grinding and polishing machines in North America, Sydor Optics can precisely fabricate custom […]