W1153- FS 7980 0F 300mm dia x 1mm th


Product Attributes

Material/Grade: Corning 7980 0F
Diameter: 300.0mm ±0.20mm
Thickness: 1.0mm ±0.10mm
Metrology Wavelength: 632nm
Clear Aperture (CA): 85%
Transmitted Wavefront: < 0.25 Waves per inch
Reflective Wavefront: < 1 wave per inch
Parallelism: < 30 Seconds
Bevel(s): Saftey Bevel
Chips: < 0.5 mm
Cosmetics: 40/20
Edge Finish: fine edge ground
Roughness: <1nm
TTV: <5um

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Weight 10 oz
Dimensions 649131626 × 6495772 mm