Ultra-Thin Wafer Processing

What is the definition of thin?  That depends on who you ask and what their capabilities are. At Sydor Optics, our definition of thin wafer processing is around 500 microns, but we like to work on the ultra-thin side. We consider ultra-thin at 100-200 microns in overall thickness. To put this thickness into context, the […]

Infrared (IR) Windows for DoD Applications

Companies that produce leading edge technologies for military and defense, need high quality windows for their applications. These windows are required to be incorporated into various types of equipment and function in many different environments such as aerospace and harsh regional terrains. Sourcing these windows can be challenging due to the different materials that are […]

Considerations When Buying Large Format Windows

What are Optical Windows? Optical windows, by function separate two environments for the purposes of either chemical, environmental, mechanical, thermal purposes, or a combination thereof. Windows range in a variety of sizes from just a few mms in diameter to meter-class optics. With optical windows, the key specifications involve transmitted wavefront, cosmetics, and dimensional requirements. […]