With over 60 years in business, it’s a true testament to our outstanding quality and customer service that we have legacy customers that go back over 20 years and beyond. Case in point, a customer that hasn’t ordered from us directly e-mailed us for a quote on a new order. When asked how the customer found us this was his response. Thank you MKS for your continued support and recommendations. 

Good afternoon, Matthew

Am I familiar with Sydor? I’m happy to say that I am.

Back in 2001 I first found Sydor Optics as a Manufacturing/Process Engineer and then supervisor in our CP Department with Newport. 

I hoped you might help supply us CALIBRATION mirrors (or CAL mirrors as we called them) that we were finding difficult to finish. These were 2” thick, rectangular Fused Silica mirrors with a difficult aspect ratio that made their processing here problematic.

After contacting Sydor Optics, it was Micheal Naselaris who worked with me in 2001 to quote and provide us the mirrors. The quality was outstanding and the customer service quite memorable even after these many years. 

I’ve recommended Sydor Optics to other manufacturing engineers for many of the plano projects that followed. Thankfully my recommendation was listened to. I’m happy when I see boxes on the incoming shelf with Sydor Optics labels.

Those CALIBRATION mirrors I had outsourced in 2001 may have been the first mirrors Sydor Optics supplied to Newport. While my role over the years has changed at Newport/MKS clearly Sydor Optics has maintained their reputation as a preferred supplier to Newport/MKS.

Thanks for your consistent quality product deliveries, 

Drew Och
Manager, Manufacturing/Operations
Integrated Solutions Business
MKS Instruments, Inc.