Optical Flats

Sydor Optics provides various optical flats – also known as “reference flats,” “test flats” or “test plates” – to meet precision tolerances for the most demanding and exacting applications. An optical flat is manufactured to be extremely flat, and used as a reference for measuring the flatness of other optics with a monochromatic light source or in interferometry applications. Some people also use word “optical flat” or “plano optics” interchangeably with other flat optical components such as optical windows or as substrates for optical mirrors.

As with other products from Sydor Optics, optical flats are fabricated in custom sizes with different coating and beveling options, and can even be polished to include a slight wedge to reduce back reflection. Whether you need λ/4, λ/10, or λ/20 single-sided or double-sided plano optics, Sydor Optics will meet your needs for precision and accuracy.

When it comes to using optical flats for evaluating the flatness accuracy of an unknown optical surface, it’s best to choose a known vendor: Sydor Optics has decades of experience in custom fabrication and resurfacing/refinishing of optical flats.

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