Large Format Flat Optics: Current and Future Applications

Large format flat optics are essential components in various high-tech industries. These optics are used in applications ranging from scientific research to advanced manufacturing processes. The demand for precision, quality, and scalability of these optics is growing as industries evolve and technologies advance. This white paper explores the current and future needs for large format […]

Optics testing

Our Expert Team Delivers Exceptional Results with Skill and Precision

Our efforts in employee development and fostering a supportive company culture are critical components of our overall strategy. Recent technological upgrades at Sydor Optics’ CNC Operations Center significantly boost production capacity and efficiency, enabling us to excel in the high expectations of our customers through precision machining, automation, customization and operational efficiencies. But we also […]

Sydor Optics Adds CNC Operations Center for Advanced Capabilities

In an era where technological advancements are not just achievements but necessities, Sydor Optics remains at the forefront of the precision optics industry. With the establishment of the new Sydor Optics CNC Operations Center, we’re excited to announce significant upgrades and expansion to our CNC department. These advancements directly enhance our manufacturing capabilities, ensuring we […]

Ultra-Thin Wafer Processing

What is the definition of thin?  That depends on who you ask and what their capabilities are. At Sydor Optics, our definition of thin wafer processing is around 500 microns, but we like to work on the ultra-thin side. We consider ultra-thin at 100-200 microns in overall thickness. To put this thickness into context, the […]

Infrared (IR) Windows for DoD Applications

Companies that produce leading edge technologies for military and defense, need high quality windows for their applications. These windows are required to be incorporated into various types of equipment and function in many different environments such as aerospace and harsh regional terrains. Sourcing these windows can be challenging due to the different materials that are […]

Sydor Optics: It’s a family affair

Celebrating 60 years of cutting-edge optics, industry trends, and community values. Founded in 1964 by Stefan Sydor, Sydor Optics, a family-run pioneer in optics-component manufacturing, is celebrating its 6oth year in business this year. An exhibitor at Photonics West for over 20 years, Sydor has remained a leader in optics technologies by embracing new approaches […]

Sydor Reduces Solid Waste Dramatically with New Process

Sydor Engineers, in collaboration with NYSP21 and RIT, dramatically reduce solid waste using innovative solid suspension process method. Here at Sydor Optics, we strive to be good stewards of the environment and corporate neighbors. In an effort to better manage the wastewater that exits our facility, we entered into a project with the New York […]

Specialized Manufacturing: Mastering the Science of Flat Optics

In today’s dynamic and competitive market, manufacturing businesses are constantly seeking ways to stay ahead of the curve. Whether it’s improving efficiency, enhancing product quality, or meeting evolving consumer demands, the challenges are infinite. Amidst this complexity, one factor stands out as a game-changer for customers: specialization. At the heart of specialization lies expertise. And […]

CNC Glass Machining

Precision mechanical alterations for your custom optical designs and specifications. CNC capabilities include lightweighting, drilling, coring, edging, beveling, 3D contouring, and more. Sydor Optics has the capability to manufacture complex shaped optics using our fleet of CNC machines from Haas and Fanuc.  Our team has developed processes to machine an incoming blank to final size […]

Flat Optics Basics

Flat components are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. From diameters to rectangles, squares, cubes and prisms, Sydor Optics can offer price and delivery based on your individual specifications. There are some areas that we require detailed information from our customers in order to provide them with the most accurate quotation. In this […]

Optical Materials

Double-Sided Lapping and Polishing Double-sided lapping and polishing utilizes planetary action with the combination of a top and bottom plate to precisely grind and polish precision, parallel optics. Double-sided processing is a batch-type process that uses planetary action — generally with loose, abrasive particles suspended in a liquid vehicle — to abrade material almost equally […]